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On identity
i won't be transparent before i'm opaque. and you'll get to know me starting from the small things: who my favourite bands are. what kind of movies i like. who are my heroes.

On Christianity
I’m convinced that when confronted with sincere, real love, the Jesus factor will become obvious. But let’s not plant the cross before we carry it. I’m not trying to con you.

On dreams
Some dreams are meant to be achieved. I know that. But maybe other dreams are meant to drive us, privately. Never known to anyone but ourselves.


On melancholy
It is a sadness that, when choosing between crying and sighing, will choose sighing. I'd almost say that melancholy is being sad about sadness itself.

On memory and nostalgia
It saddens me when life moves forward and people decide that certain things are worth forgetting.

On language
I've learnt that the word irregardless is filed as a non-standard word in the English language. That's a lexicographer's way of saying it's not a real word.

On politics
Crowds are fickle things. So when we stand in the thousands and cry against the present government, do we know who we're actually crying for?

On society
People always want the best for themselves. But I want to sometimes take second or third or fourth best, just so that the loser down the road doesn't always have to come in last. It must feel like shit to always come in last.

On growing old
Leasehold property make me feel sad. It doesn't matter how old the family photos are that you put on your wall. It's your family but it's not really your wall.

On philosophy
I ask you, if God loves everyone, and if God is also incapable of loving evil, how can there be such a thing as an evil man?

On a daily basis
One line quips, like this.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To understand the following conversation, it helps if you know three things: (1) the food at williams, (2) italian football and its players, and (3) how committed we can be to being stupid sometimes.

the context is that this morning, my gtalk signature read "Forza Del Piero! Forza Grosso! Forza Italia!"

theyap: what lah. forza del piero somemore ah
del piero eating carbonara yesterday lah

Fergus: nolah
he eat marinara

theyap: i tot butter prawn penne?

Fergus: no... he ate the beef medallion

theyap: eh?
not nasi goreng ketam?

Fergus: no, no... allessandro is allergic to ketam

theyap: oh
then nasi goreng salami lah

Fergus: that one quagliarella ordered. he said not nice.

theyap: oh is it?
I heard pirlo ordered the chicken kiev
said too hard

Fergus: that pirlo hard to please wan lah.
donadoni had the bihun goreng special
cannot finish

theyap: yeah
got some scallops stuck to his beard
but grosso ate the indo mee goreng. the fella lau sai

fergusong: ohhh no wonder la look like that last nite

theyap: yeah
lau sai until his hair also messy

fergusong: ohhh i see
no wonder daniele de rossi kept telling me indo indo dunno what the fella saying
he had the seabass rissotto
he said it was "inspiring"

theyap: yeah
and toni drank the drain water, that's why couldn't score

fergusong: stupid idiot. i told him "ribena longan. but don't order from that uncle"
he must have gotten the limau version of ribena longan

theyap: i ran out items on the menu already

fergusong: eh that means you left early
you didn't see materazzi order the smoke duck pasta
fella ate two servings
sommore he called the duck's sister "a whore"
kena marah from ambrosini
who didn't like the food, so he went to murni's and ate loh shee fun

theyap: eh
i thought williams head butted materazzi

fergusong: oh is it?
i followed ambrosini to murni
must've missed it
but i got to chat with massimo. heart to heart. quite good sharing
he said he's been trying very hard to eclipse guardiola as the world's most boring midfielder and he needed prayer
i encouraged him lor
at least he liked the loh shee fun

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