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Monday, September 17, 2007

"I'm not afraid of thieves, they cannot rob me of spirit"
- The Gracecars, I'm not afraid to die

Once every so often, the universe decides to pull its pants down, sit on an apartment block and shit on a guy living there. this morning, i was shat on like that.

my adidas shoes got stolen. yeah, the ones i blogged about. the ones that squeaked. i loved them. woke up, opened my door and there they weren't. just like that. you know, whenever i get a gig, i'll play I'm not afraid to die. i do that cos it's got pompous lyrics and i like proclaiming pompous things. this morning, the universe shat on me so that i'll put my money where my mouth is.

it's funny. on one hand, i want to denounce stealing. declare that it's wrong on principle and that no context should justify taking from someone what's theirs to be yours. but we all steal someitmes. from benign things like expressions and gestures to abstract things like ideas and originality. a stolen shoe feels more criminal only because we've set a higher price on the monetary value of things. a witty person's wit is free. if i heard him say something nice, i can lift it and insert it into my own conversations without crediting him. i'd have stolen what was his. and no one would make a sound.

i guess i just hope that the guy who stole my shoes finds that they fit. that my shoes can be snug in his feet and that in them, he'll walk towards a life where stealing is no longer necessary. the curse of poverty and kleptomania are equally damning. but i rather hope that my shoes now protect the shoeless, because there's no glory in losing something because of someone else's itchy hands. still, i hope my shoes make him happy.

goodbye squeaky adidas shoes. don't squeak too loud while you're gone. get used to those new feet. and if you can, take him to a good place.

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Genusfrog [ 9:27 am ]


  • I had this thought before. If I ever lose a material possession that means a lot to me, I'll take it as a reminder that stuff like that is meant to be used but not prized or treasured too much.

    But since this was your one pair of casual wear shoes, I guess that the inconvenience of not having any thing to wear is another annoyance.

    Time to go shopping. It'll be fun :)

    By Anonymous Rsy, at 10:55 am  


    By Blogger Jeanie, at 11:39 am  

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