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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I was in subang this morning and got stuck in a 20-minute jam. it was around 8 o'clock. now, there are two kinds of jams: jams with reason and jams with no reason. jams with reason are somewhat acceptable - a stalled car, a fallen tree, an accident, a broken traffic light. jams without reason are just mysterious and annoying. but jams with reason, as i discovered this morning, are not always reasonable jams. cos when i finally got to the choke point of the jam, guess what was causing the massive slowdown?

they were tarring the road.

at 8am on a working day, they were tarring the road. aha. elections! right? right.

so i got especially angry, because if you drive anywhere near subang, the roundabout at metropolitan college and the roads around section 12, you know that the roads there are full of massive holes, lumpy patch jobs and rubble on either side. and so, with ten days before national elections, somebody upstairs in the subang municipal council decides that tuesday morning 8am is section 12's slot to court votes.

of course, the first thing i do when i arrive at the office is to find out who the sonofagun incumbent state seat person is at subang. i google up a few websites, check out the electoral roll and home in on the subang jaya echo.

his name is lee hwa beng. that's right. this man in the picture.

don't forget his name - lee hwa beng. he's not standing in subang jaya anymore, he's moving on to kelana jaya after march 8. but i've still got a few choice words for this local representative.

lee hwa beng. your roads shame you. your disastrous flyover shames you. if you think you can buy subang jaya voters with dust, soot and a traffic jam ten days before your day is numbered, then you cheapen the people of subang jaya, and that also shames you. i'm embarrased for you that you have to tar roads now. i drive on your roads almost every day, so i am here to associate your name - lee hwa beng - with bad roads.

may that association last for the next five years. may every mention of lee hwa beng remind people of bad roads.

lee hwa beng = bad roads

lee hwa beng = tar road last minute

lee hwa beng = bad roads

there. that's my community service reminder. like i've always said - i'm not being partisan here. i'm not even telling you what party he represents. because when what a politician really represents is bad roads, he really doesn't need any other banner.

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Genusfrog [ 9:46 am ]


  • hey

    u might find it interesting to note that you could actually tell him face-to-face in church one of these days.

    of course, seasoned with love.

    was just wondering, would it be possible for you to add some kind of rss/atom on your blog? that would help me keep up with the excellent entries. thanks!

    By Blogger why, yarn?, at 12:35 pm  

  • yeah, i only found out later that i could. and i would too. that is, season it with love.

    as for the rss, i do have it turned on, but it's been behaving very strangely. i'll try to contact blogger and get it fixed. thanks for your comment. remember - vote wisely, pray fervently.


    By Blogger Genusfrog, at 2:03 pm  

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