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i won't be transparent before i'm opaque. and you'll get to know me starting from the small things: who my favourite bands are. what kind of movies i like. who are my heroes.

On Christianity
I’m convinced that when confronted with sincere, real love, the Jesus factor will become obvious. But let’s not plant the cross before we carry it. I’m not trying to con you.

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Some dreams are meant to be achieved. I know that. But maybe other dreams are meant to drive us, privately. Never known to anyone but ourselves.


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It is a sadness that, when choosing between crying and sighing, will choose sighing. I'd almost say that melancholy is being sad about sadness itself.

On memory and nostalgia
It saddens me when life moves forward and people decide that certain things are worth forgetting.

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I've learnt that the word irregardless is filed as a non-standard word in the English language. That's a lexicographer's way of saying it's not a real word.

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Crowds are fickle things. So when we stand in the thousands and cry against the present government, do we know who we're actually crying for?

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People always want the best for themselves. But I want to sometimes take second or third or fourth best, just so that the loser down the road doesn't always have to come in last. It must feel like shit to always come in last.

On growing old
Leasehold property make me feel sad. It doesn't matter how old the family photos are that you put on your wall. It's your family but it's not really your wall.

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I ask you, if God loves everyone, and if God is also incapable of loving evil, how can there be such a thing as an evil man?

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One line quips, like this.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm not sure about your posse, but mine aren't perfect. we won't grace magazine covers, get sporting and cosmetic endorsements or have our faces blown up for the big screen (ok, some of them will - that would be my fault). still, the point is that we're not the kind of people who set society's benchmarks for desirebility. at some point, we've all had zits to match our fart jokes, bad haircuts, weight issues and pitching problems.

which is apt, therefore, that there's a growing culture in at least this dengkil squad group of friends that we now sing our happy birthdays dissonant style. yeah, that's off-key, off-tune, off-timing happy birthday belted in public spaces, usually at full volume with - what should eventually grow into - no shame. or as adrian says, "it's too easy to sing happy birthday in tune. everybody knows how to do it". but ask your neighbourhood songbird to do a bad rendition of happy birthday and she probably won't know where to start.

i like that - the celebration of dissonance. it's not a celebration of mediocrity, it's saying that at least once in a year, we're cool with the fact that we won't always hit most, if any, of life's high notes, and we celebrate instead the fun that we can have while hitting all those bum notes. i know when we sing happy birthday out of tune, we're not thinking too deep about it. we're just having fun making the birthday person feel embarassed. but now that i'm thinking about it, i think i like it a lot.


Genusfrog [ 3:00 pm ]


  • Thanks for the dissonant birthday song. I take pride knowing that it's the worst ever birthday song sang at the office =)

    By Blogger eevon, at 9:17 am  

  • i think a discordant birthday song is more easily achieved than one in harmony. at least in my experience. 8 out of 10 times at least one person sings out of tune.

    By Blogger oomoo, at 6:04 am  

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