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Friday, November 24, 2006
My new craving is half-boiled eggs.

I bought a dozen eggs and brought them to work last week, hellbent on reproducing them at the comforts of my desk. But it's not so easy.

First, my assumption that the hot water from the water cooler was hot enough was horrendously misplaced. That water couldn't have half-cooked an egg if you let it sit for an hour.

Secondly, if you boil your water once and you let your eggs sit in a mug at office air cond temperature, what should be a 20 minute job too will fail. I have little clue if it would ever have worked, but one cup of boiling water is not enough to work the magic here.

And so it turns out that in order to successfully make half-boiled eggs in the icy climate of my workspace, you'll need to boil the water once, dump the eggs in for about ten minutes, then swap the water for new boiling water at about the halfway point. It was only in my attempts where i boiled the water twice that i succeeded in reproducing a breakfast that remotely resembled half-boiled egg.

In one of my attempts, i ended up with one egg that was overcooked and one egg that was undercooked. contrary to what i hope you're not thinking, mixing them together does not necessarily balance textures out. they just kinda hang out together. on another occassion, i had undercooked an egg via conventional means, and so i stuffed it into the microwave to finish up. tricky one - what the microwave does for your half-boiled eggs is that the yolks cook really fast (in a matter of a few seconds, they were pretty much well done) while the whites took forever. granted that you won't want to spend your entire morning labouring over a couple of bloody eggs, i've deduced that a decent half-boiled egg can potentially be cooked entirely with the microwave, first by separate the yolk from the white, then by cooking the whites till they're almost done, then by dumping in the yolk for the last lap.

But all this is just crap if you don't actually have the rippling passion for a couple of eggs in the morning. which left me with only one ultimate conclusion: nasi lemak. yes, stick with the good old fashioned nasi lemak and everyone and their makcik will be happy. until i buy myself one of those yellow and white container/half-boilers for the eggs, i'll have to concede that half-boiled eggs is my obscure object of desire.

And as for today, i came in at 4am so it's now 7.10 and i'm ready for a meal break in the next hour. a drive down to the mamak, where they make half-boiled eggs to perfection, would be real sweet.

and then what? and then, not so obscure anymore.

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